For acupuncture: If you would like to book an acupuncture session, please book the consultation session first (90 minutes).  Feel free to email or call me if you have any questions about the process in advance.
For pregnancy massage: Please note, I am required to ask that you inform your G.P. that you are receiving treatment during pregnancy. 
For manual lymphatic drainage: As per the MLD info. page, I cannot treat lymphoedema.  To find out where you can receive treatments for lymphoedema, or any information in general about MLD, you can visit the MLD UK website: Home – MLD UK.

Acupuncture Consultation and initial treatment (90 mins)

£75 (London) / £65 (Brighton)


£70 (London) / £60 (Brighton)
1 hour

Book here also for pregnancy acupuncture

Massage - any type


Inc. myofascial release and manual lymphatic drainage

£70 (London) / £60 (Brighton)

1 hour

Massage - any type

Inc. myofascial release

£95 (London) / £80 (Brighton)

90 minutes

90 mins. Extended Acupuncture with Massage

£90 (London) / £75 (Brighton)
90 minutes

90 mins. Massage with Cupping

£95 (London) / £80 (Brighton)
90 minutes

Ear Acupuncture

£40 (London) / £30 (Brighton) 30 minutes

Online Consultation


A 20-minute video consultation to discuss any current issues / injuries / rehab. or self-treatment and homecare advice queries.

Treatment Packages

Courses of 6-for-the-price-of-5 are available (valid for six months):

£350/£300 (London/Brighton) for 6-for-5 massages (60 mins.)

£475/£400 (London/Brighton) for 6-for-5 massages (90 mins.)

£350 / £250 (London/Brighton) for 6-for-5 acupuncture treatments (60 mins.)

£450/£375 (London/Brighton) for 6-for-5 acupuncture + massage (90 mins.)

Please email or call to arrange

Cancellation Policy 

You are required to pay the full cost of treatment if you do not give a full 24 hours notice.

Health Insurance Coverage

Please check with your insurance providers if you think you can get reimbursement through your private healthcare plan.  Acupuncture is frequently covered, and massage is more so now, too.


You can also buy gift vouchers – a massage treatment is a much-appreciated present!