Scalp Acupuncture

Scalp acupuncture is slightly different to the use of the traditional acupuncture points found on the head, which I also use. 

Needles are applied shallowly into the soft tissues of the scalp over specific areas of the brain, which are chosen taking into account the function of that brain area underneath, e.g. motor or sensory.  

When I use scalp acupuncture, it is an additional technique within a standard acupuncture treatment, so not usually as a treatment in itself.  i.e. Quite often, I choose to apply it to one or two areas that I feel would amplify the effects of treatment.  The needles are usually retained for about 20 minutes.  

I trained under Professor T. J. Wang, who is a leading expert on this subject, and author of Acupuncture for Brain: Treatment for Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders (Springer, 2021).